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For a Synodal Church 




Pope Francis is asking everyone in the universal Catholic Church to think deeply and in prayer about how we are journeying together and how we are responding to the needs of our troubled world.


The Synod is a process of journeying together. We are to listen to each other’s experiences in a new way without comment or discussion and to do this in small groups.


During Advent your parish representatives, invited by Father Louis, will be able to help you arrange groups, and provide advice and materials offered by Clifton Adult Education and Evangelization Dept.


Further information from:

Website: synod@cliftondiocese

Recordings from previous information sessions


Videos:  Bishop Declan’s welcome; Explaining the synod process


Preparatory Document: Synod Vademecum


Contact your parish representative for any queries or more information.

Dr Nick Niven-Jenkins:

Kate o’Gara:

Dawn Martin:

Listening Wall

We have created a board (a listening wall) in the entrance to the St Luke’s for people to add their thoughts and reflections to several questions about their experience of being a member of our church.

We appreciate that people may not feel able to comment on the questions immediately as they enter or leave church and therefore they are repeated below.

We would be very grateful if you could respond briefly to one or more of the questions anonymously and leave your written responses under the board in church.

The questions are:

Our experience of Covid-19

  • What has been your experience of your Church community ‘journeying together’ these past eighteen months?

  • How has your parish/community ‘journeyed’ with others, outside of the community?


Our wider journey

  • Recalling your experience of the pandemic, and perhaps thinking more broadly, when does the journeying bring you joy? When might it bring you pain?


Our church community

  • When we say ‘our Church’ who is part of it?

  • Who is missing on this journey? Whom do we need to listen to?


Our mission

  • What would you wish to celebrate about how your parish/community lives its mission?

  • What areas of mission are we neglecting?


Many thanks.