Open Air Mass at Yarlington House

Dear Carolyn and Charles.


I was praying like mad for this weekend [just gone] - Saturday and Sunday - to be a success as there was the opportunity for any number of mishaps to occur. Thank the Lord, ..... my concerns were totally unfounded. The one event I knew was to be a resounding success was the Grand Finale, the summit of the celebrations, and that was the Mass. The afternoon was tailor made for the occasion. Your generosity, ...  the setting, ... the Sun, .. the atmosphere, .... the joy  .... the laughter, ... but best of all,  it brought together parishioners from every community in the Parish. It was the best birthday present I could have wished for, and every one who attended left with a bounce in their step [some bounces were invisible to the eye, and reserved to the mind purely for medical reasons].


The celebration rejuvenated the parish, and those who attended will have returned home with new hope. The comments praising both of you for your welcome and hospitality would make you blush with pride, and were well deserved. A setting unsurpassed. 


Duncan McKechnie wished that he'd brought a camera for the scene where the Mitre was worn on some ones head! I'm glad he didn't. The Wincanton Press would have had a field day.


The collection for St Rose's has raised £1,145 so far, including some monies received during last week, and one parishioner sent a cheque to St Rose's direct. I will wait a few more days to see if there are any more donations, and send the cheques to the Bursar.


Louis the very very grateful xxx.    .