The Catholic Parish of Wincanton was established in 1881 by Thomas Clementina and Captain John Bradney, JP who approached Fr Ambrose Cotham OSB, the priest at Bonham to ask for help to establish a Catholic Mission in Wincanton.  Fr Ambrose's brother William celebrated the first Mass in Wincanton since the Reformation around the 31st May 1881.  This was held in the parlour of Thomas Clementina's home, Avila (now Cranleigh), on North Street.

In 1903, Mr Clementina and Mr Bradley negotiated the purchase of Acorn House on South Street and swiftly transformed it into a chapel and presbytery in order for the solemn inauguration of the new Mission on 18th October, the Feast of St Luke. 


A Priory was formally inaugurated in 1885, and in 1888 the foundation stone of the new Priory was laid.  The completed Monastery was blessed by Bishop Clifford on 18th August 1889, and in 1903, the community was in a position to lay the foundation stone of a new church on the site of Acorn House, adjoining the old Chapel.  The church was opened on the 19th November 1908 by Bishop Burton.